Struvite Remover Wastewater Treatment

Struvite Removal wastewater pipe before and after
Struvite Remover Applied to Half of Struvite filled pipe
Struvite Removal Struvite Remover STSR Test
Lab test, taking hours to clean Struvite Filled pipe 

Struvite Removal

Struvite removers eliminate scale formations comprised of magnesium, ammonia, and phosphate from wastewater systems. These crystal formations are common in wastewater and are caused by the continuous flow of magnesium from water, ammonia from urine, and phosphate from organic matter and soap through system pipes. If left untreated, the struvite crystals continue to build up in downstream components until they restrict, and eventually prevent fluid flow.

Removing struvite from wastewater involves the use of concentrated, industrial-grade products that dissolve the scale and help prevent future growth. Struvite removal products work by injecting a specific concentration of the solution into a wastewater system and using a pump to circulate the struvite remover through the system. Other uses for struvite removal chemicals include soaks, low-pressure spray or foaming applications. These processes are used to dissolve existing scale and, when performed regularly, help keep equipment functioning at normal levels and more efficiently.

Preventing Struvite Wastewater Formation Issues

Struvite Removal is of major importance for wastewater treatment plant personnel, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations personnel as well as other industries. When Struvite is discovered at the plant in the form of crystals, scale or rock, the operational efficiency of the plant has begun to diminish and in the worst case, it will be severely compromised.

Struvite scale and crystal rock buildup in pipes, valves, pumps, belt filter presses, screw presses, centrifuges, aerators, digesters, screens as well as other equipment and will slow the flow of material or increase inefficiencies at the plant. The formation of scale on heat exchangers makes it challenging to maintain the temperature in the digester.

Aside from physical evidence of crystal formation, common signs of struvite issues can include:

  • Slow or restricted flow
  • Vibrating and rattling pipes
  • Pipeline pressure increase
  • Lowered dewatering cake percentage

Effective Solutions for Struvite Removal from Wastewater

Struvite Remover STSR is a buffered struvite removal acid chemical that is non-corrosive to steel and unbroken skin. Our struvite removal chemical can be used in many ways and dissolves struvite wastewater formations as well as hard water scale effectively and prevents mineral buildup issues in:

  • Wastewater Treatment Equipment
  • Boilers
  • Chillers
  • Condensers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • And many more

Struvite Remover STSR Application Methods:

We highly recommend recirculations for struvite wastewater removal because they are proven to work up to 5x faster than other methods in lab testing.

Other Methods for Struvite Removal

Replacing Equipment, Grinding or Hydro-jetting:

  1. A lot of downtime
  2. Labor intensive (High costs!)
  3. If any vivianite remains, will grow and accumulate much faster

Using Hydrochloric Acid or other acids to remove struvite scale:

  1. Highly corrosive
  2. Highly Hazardous
  3. Leads to damaged equipment

Struvite Remover STSR

Struvite Remover STSR comes in a ready-to-use liquid that has proven to be a superior struvite removal chemical in numerous CAFO and WWTP operations over the past 10 years (referrals provided upon request). Our struvite remover wastewater treatment chemical is an effective and environmentally friendly product that your personnel can use safely.

Our struvite remover for wastewater is offered in the following sizes:

  • 15, 30 and 55-gallon drums
  • 275 or 330 gallon totes
  • 5-gallon containers and other sizes please contact us

Use struvite removal products for Struvite Prevention through dosing typically between 30-90ppm. We also offer Struvite Preventer STSP which has an added polymer.

Preparing to Use Struvite Remover Chemical for Wastewater Systems

Once Struvite is discovered, the plant must schedule downtime to remove and dissolve struvite scale. Downtime can be costly, which is why we formulated Struvite Remover STSR to work quickly to reduce downtime and save your plant time and money. 

The thickness of your struvite deposits determines the dilution needed and how long it takes the product to work. Before starting the struvite removal process, it is essential to inspect your pipes first to determine the severity of the formation. Once you know the approximate thickness of the scale or level of flow restriction, our team can help you determine the appropriate dilution for effective struvite removal from wastewater pipes and other equipment.

Struvite Remover STSR Customer Comments:

“We got the stuff. I made a jar-test and it works like magic.”

 “The cleaning went great and basically removed everything. That pressure has now dropped to 0.3 bar at the same percentage. Heat exchanger is also working great. Adding about 5.5 degrees Celsius to my percolate coming out which in phenomenal. I will definitely be buying more product…” 

 “The struvite remover you supplied has been excellent in the removal of struvite from components within the percolate system including the percolate pumps. Everything went well and the end product “a clean system” was achieved. So thumbs up!”

“I finally was able to use your product on one of our screw presses which it seems to work very quickly at 100%... then hosed it down after about 20 - 25 minutes. In all I used about 3.0 gallons and didn't have to do any scrubbing.”

Struvite Removal Wastewater Videos and Studies:

Struvite Remover Egg Video Demo

Struvite Remover Centrifuge Case Study

Struvite Remover Foam Application

Struvite Remover STSR

Advantages of Struvite Remover STSR: 

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-Corrosive to Steel and Unbroken Skin
  • Safe to Handle
  • Easy to use, with many applications, including foaming and low-pressure spray, soaks and recirculations
  • Can be used for Removal, as well as Prevention through dosing
  • Cost-Effective, saving you time, money and leaving your operation free of Struvite

Learn More About Struvite Remover for Wastewater Systems

Our struvite wastewater removal products are safer for the environment and proven to be effective at removing scale buildup in a range of equipment. Request a quote today or contact us to discuss your struvite removal needs.

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