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Wastewater Plant Struvite Removal Case Study

Wastewater plant feeding Struvite Dispersant into the sludge holding tank (100,000 gal) prior to dewatering in a screw press. They are getting a slight build up on the screens but have been using a 10% HCL spray to control struvite.  They were having a problem with the sludge pump wearing out because of the abrasion from the struvite crystals in the sludge cake.  Using Struvite Dispersant, they have reduced the size of the struvite crystal and its formation.  Their flow rate is 30,000 gal per day to the sludge holding tank. They increased the dose to 2.5 gal/day from 2.0 gal/day.  This is close to 90ppm recommended for our Struvite Dispersant.