Struvite Remover and Scale Remover Safety Classifications

Our product is:  buffered, non-corrosive acid and labeled as slightly irritating. 
This simply means that the hydrogen atoms are arranged in a particular manner, which make it effective as a descaler, however, will not affect protein and can be labeled non-corrosive to steel with a very low skin irritation score.  These characteristics along with a very low odor make it unique.
An example and video of our product dissolving the shell of an egg while leaving the protein of the egg still intact, as well as it not affecting our uncovered hands while handling the egg and the product itself.
We had tests conducted for skin irritation and the results are classified as:
Slightly Irritating
The primary irritation index of 0.7 out of a possible 8.0 was obtained from the 1, 24, 48 and 72 hour observations. Based on the 72 hour observations only, Struvite Remover is assigned to Toxicity Category IV.
Classification of Test Substance Descriptive Rating Primary Irritation Index
Non-irritating 0.0
Slightly Irritating 0.1 - 1.9
Moderately Irritating 2.0 - 5.0
Severely Irritating 5.1 - 8.0
Dermal Irritation Toxicity Categories (per Proposed Rule, FR Vol. 49, No. 188)
Toxicity Category Criteria
I Corrosive
II Severe irritation at 72 hours
III Moderate irritation at 72 hours
IV Non-irritating, mild, or slight irritation at 72 hours
We also ran corrosion test on steel:  
Not Corrosive
TEST:  NACE Standard EPA1110


The corrosion rate is 0.51 millimeters per year (mmpy.)  According to OSHA and DOT, a product is Not Corrosive if it does not exceed 6.25 mmpy at a test temperature of 55 degrees C. when tested in accordance with NACE Standard TMO169-76.