Industrial Descaler & Scale Remover STSR

Industrial descaler
Scale Remover removes all forms of scale.
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Scale Remover can be used in any industry.

What is an industrial descaler?

An industrial descaler or descaling agent is a chemical substance that can clear or remove various forms of scale including limescale, calcium carbonate, struvite, vivianite, rust, and other hard water buildups. The descaler will remove the scale from different surfaces such as steel, iron, plastic, glass, etc. from industrial equipment, lines, and other areas.

Issues with scale build-up 

Over time, mineral deposits from steam and water cause scale formations in cooling towers, chillers, condensers, heat exchangers, pipelines, marine applications, data centers, wastewater equipment, and other industrial equipment. Finding any scale including hard water scale, limescale, calcium carbonate, struvite, vivianite or rust in your plant or operation can be a huge, costly problem for operations and operators. Once located, scale formations should be dealt with immediately to restore to 100% efficiency.

Industrial descalers are chemicals formulated to remove water scale, calcium, magnesium deposits, and rust as well as other scale from equipment surfaces. These industrial descaler chemicals work by dissolving hard mineral deposits and can prevent future formations when used as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Scale Remover STSR for Industrial Descaling Applications

Scale Remover STSR industrial descaler is non-corrosive and removes struvite, vivianite, limescale, calcium carbonate, rust, and other types of scale without brushing or scrubbing. Our environmentally friendly industrial scale remover won’t damage your equipment and is a safe and cost-effective alternative to harsh chemicals.

STSR can be used for descaling, prevention through dosing and scale control.

Use our industrial descaling chemical in its liquid state or have the product customized to your needs.  Examples of customization include creating a foaming solution or adding thickener for use on vertical surfaces. Other applications include recirculations, low-pressure sprays, and stand still soaks.

Scale Remover STSR industrial scale remover is formulated for use as a general chemical descaler for any industry.

Typical applications for our Industrial Descaler and Scale Remover STSR include:

  • Marine Descaler
  • Boiler Cleaner and Descaler
  • Heat Exchanger Descaling Chemical
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning Chemical
  • Chiller Cleaning
  • Condenser Cleaning
  • HVAC System Descaler
  • Data Center Cooling Cleaning
  • Struvite Removal and Vivianite Removal in Wastewater

Scale Remover STSR industrial scale remover can work on various forms of scale including:

  • Hardwater Scale
  • Limescale
  • Calcium Carbonate
  • Sea Shells, barnacles, etc.
  • Struvite
  • Vivianite
  • Rust
  • Other variations, send us samples for us to test today!

A Safer Alternative to Harsh Acids and Descalers

Get the effectiveness of standard descaling chemicals without the harsh fumes, corrosiveness and human hazards. Scale Remover STSR is less hazardous than comparable acids used for descaling, such as phosphoric acid and hydrochloric acid. Our industrial scale remover is a buffered acid and produces nearly no fumes, labeled as non-hazardous, as well as non-corrosive to steel and unbroken skin, so it is safer for personnel.

We offer our Industrial Descaler and Scale Remover STSR in the following sizes:

  • 15, 30 and 55-gallon drums
  • 275- or 330-gallon totes
  • 5-gallon containers and other sizes, please contact us

Scale Remover STSR videos and studies:

Scale Remover Egg Video Demo

Scale Remover Centrifuge Case Study

Scale Remover Foam Application

Scale Remover STSR Quantities

Advantages of Scale Remover STSR Industrial Descaler:

  • Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Non-Corrosive to Steel and Unbroken Skin
  • Safe to Handle
  • Easy to use, with many applications, including foaminglow-pressure spraysoaks, and recirculations
  • Cost-Effective, saving you time, money and leaving your operation free of scale

Typical Industries for Industrial Descalers

Industrial descalers and scale removers are highly versatile and used in a wide range of cleaning and descaling applications. Our product safely cleans rubber, glass, plastic, steel, and other surfaces without damage. Some of the industries that use our industrial descaler include:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Beverage
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
  • Manufacturing
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment

Learn More About Scale Remover STSR Industrial Scale Remover

Our industrial descaling chemical is safer for the environment and proven to be effective at removing limescale and other mineral deposits from equipment surfaces. Visit our FAQ page to get answers to common questions about our industrial scale remover.

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