Struvite Remover and Scale Remover STSR Free Lab Testing

STSR Sample Testing

Struvite Removal offers free lab testing to test the effectiveness of our Struvite Remover and Scale Remover STSR. 

The goal of the test is to determine the product to scale ratio as well as the spent pH to have as a benchmark for when the product is done working.

Please refer to the bottom of the page to see an example of an actual test that we perform free of charge, and that you can test for yourself. For the entire procedure and further information, please download the document on the bottom right, or request it from our team.

We welcome any and all scale samples to test in our lab. If you are located internationally, we do ask that international shipping be paid. If you would like us to do testing as well, we usually request larger sized pieces of scale (as to see the breakdown) of 5g or larger, and typically fill a Ziploc bag.

Struvite Remover and Scale Remover STSR Free Lab Test Example

50mL of 100% Solution STSR

Scale Initial Sample Weight: 5.1 grams


    Weight of Scale (g)





   1 hour



Continued test to see amount dissolved


    Weight of Scale (g)



    Add 14.9g


   2 hrs



   21 hrs



   24 hrs



The total amount of scale that was dissolved/broken down was 17.6 grams. This results in our product being effective to a pH of approximately 5 and approximately 50mL of our product to dissolve and break down 17.6 grams. Approximately 3 parts product to 1 part of scale buildup falling in the range of the average 3:1 to 2:1.