Industrial Coil Descaler and Acid Coil Cleaner STSR

Industrial condenser descaling chemicals, Scale remover STSR, is a buffered acid coil cleaner to clean equipment such as AC, HVAC, and other coils.

Industrial Coil Condenser Cleaner

A condenser (heat transfer) is a device or unit used to condense vapor into liquid. A condenser, in simple terms, is a cooling device. When the heat gets trapped inside your condenser and can not be effectively released, it is covered with dirt and debris. This will lead to inefficient cooling and increased energy consumption. Condenser and cooling towers require descaling maintenance due to the harsh mineral deposits such as Calcium, lime, mud, and rust that rob heat transfer efficiency. Therefore, having your condenser clean regularly with the right industrial descaler acid coil cleaner is necessary. Using industrial coil descaler Scale Remover STSR to descale your condenser is both environmentally friendly and easy to operate promptly and cost-effectively.

Industrial Coil Chemical Descaler Solutions

Industrial chemical descaling solutions utilized for cleaning water-operated equipment can vary substantially throughout various industries. We need to do the correct condenser cleaner with an industrial descaler for the condenser coils and procedure to successfully clean the scale and mineral build-up.

Scale Remover STSR for recirculations, soaks, and low-pressure sprays

Scale Remover STSR-F for foaming large surface areas

Scale Remover STSR:

  • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable 
  • Non-corrosive to steel and skin
  • Safe to handle 
  • Easy to use, with many applications, including foaming and low-pressure spray as well as soaks and recirculation 
  • Cost-effective, saving you time, money, and leaving your operation free of scale  

How to choose the right chemical descaler?

Scale and mineral buildup can cost inefficiency in your business. If you notice that your pumps are working harder, an increase in operating costs, or an equipment failure, that's the sign you have a limescale problem, and you will need condenser descaling chemical cleaning.

Scale Remover STSR is a buffered acid chemical that is non-corrosive to steel and unbroken skin. Our chemical can be used in many ways and dissolves hard water scale and prevents mineral buildup issues in wastewater treatment equipment, boilers, chillers, condensers, cooling Towers, heat exchangers, and many more.

Scale Remover STSR-F s a buffered acid chemical that is non-corrosive to steel and unbroken skin, which we have added surfactants to make it foam. Our chemical can be used to dissolve hard water scale from large surface areas.


STSR Industrial Descaler is a low pH inorganic/organic salt solution that performs like an acid. This formulation replaces such acids as hydrochloric, sulfamic, phosphoric, hydroxy acetic, oxalic, citric, formic, and glycolic while offering significant performance in removing different types of hard water scale on various surfaces and equipment that can remove hard-water scale, limescale, calcium carbonate, struvite, vivianite, mineral deposits, rust, sea shells, and more from HVAC and other manufacturing equipment without pulling the machine apart. Chemical descaling solutions utilized for cleaning water-operated equipment can vary substantially throughout various industries. Using the correct cleaning procedure methodologies is crucial to a successful cleaning. Whether your specific industry is HVAC, manufacturing, petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, or anywhere in between, we offer the right acid coil cleaner or acid to clean AC/ HVAC coils chemical descaler solutions to make your preventive maintenance project successful.

Industrial Descaling Applications

  • Boiler Tube Cleaning
  • Coil Cleaning
  • Condensers Cleaning
  • Chillers Cleaning
  • Cooling Tower Cleaning
  • Data Center Cooling Maintenance
  • Shell & Tube Heat exchanger Cleaning
  • Struvite Removal
  • Vacuum Pump Descaler
  • Green Liquor Descaler
  • Pipes, equipment, and other areas dealing with hard water

Industrial Coil Scale Remover STSR Features:

  • Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-Corrosive to Steel and Unbroken Skin
  • Safe to Handle
  • Easy to use, with many applications, including foaming, low-pressure spray, soaks, and recirculations
  • Cost-Effective, saving you time, money and leaving your operation free of scale

Products Availability

  • 15, 30, and 55-gallon drums
  • 275- or 330-gallon totes
  • 5-gallon containers and other sizes, please contact us

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Our industrial descaling chemical is safer for the environment and proven to be effective at removing limescale and other mineral deposits from equipment surfaces. Visit our FAQ page to get answers to common questions about our industrial scale remover.

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