Struvite Removal - About Us

Struvite Removal is sponsored by Jayne Products. Jayne Products is a manufacturer, formulator, and distributor of Green Chemical Cleaning products for an array of industries including Oil Refineries, Wastewater Plants, Manufacturing, Machinery, Transportation, etc.

We have been in the Oil and Gas industry for over 30 years and branched off into other industries. We developed new products including our Struvite Removal, Struvite Prevention, and Descaler products in the more recent years that have a great success rate internationally.

We are located in Carson, California, United States, conveniently located by the Los Angeles Ports for shipping and distribution.

Over the course of our Struvite Wastewater Treatment involvement, we have conducted many tests, procedures, case studies, and processes and will develop a custom plan for your struvite or scale needs. Contact us today for your free samples and consultation.

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