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Struvite Cafo lagoonStruvite Removal and Prevention Case Studies and Applications

If you are getting a scale build-up in your recirculation system from your manure holding ponds (lagoons), calcium carbonate or struvite (magnesium-ammonia- phosphate) crystals, there is a solution to solve your scale problems.

In some CAFO sites, they will use anaerobic lagoons to reduce the amount of manure that they need to treat. In a zero oxygen environment the anaerobic bacteria will take the manure which is loaded with nutrients and further digest it to generate methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, phosphate and other mineral salts (calcium and magnesium). When recirculation from lagoon to lagoon, struvite will gradually form and start to block valves, pumps and pipes.

On a dairy farm in Neb. that operated with 15,000 milking cows, they were generating 500,000 gal per day of wastewater laden with manure. Over the summer, they noticed a reduction in their pumping capacity because the first lagoon was filling faster than they could pump. On a closer examination, they found scale. First they tried a little sulfuric acid and it foamed a lot but the scale was still there. Then they tried muriatic acid with similar results. Finally they tried a struvite removal chemical. It removed the scale and slowed the reformation. Explore more success stories below to see how our products have transformed operations for wastewater treatment plants.

Struvite Belt Press Removal

Discover how our Struvite Remover tackled scale deposits on a belt press, optimizing operations for a wastewater treatment plant near Flagstaff, AZ. 


Screw Press Struvite Removal

Discover how our specialized Struvite Remover addressed the issue of struvite build-up on a screw press at a wastewater treatment plant. This case study provides insights into the problem, the application of our product, and the remarkable results achieved.

Struvite and Vivianite Screw Presses and Heat Exchanger Removal

Explore the case study detailing the successful removal of struvite and vivianite from screw presses and heat exchangers at a regional wastewater treatment plant in Sonoma County.

Vivianite Heat Exchanger Removal Trial

Dive into the results of our vivianite removal trial, showcasing the effective use of our product on heat exchangers. See how the plant improved digester performance and reduced heating costs. 

Centrifuge Struvite Removal Trial

Witness the exterior transformation of a centrifuge covered in struvite during our removal trial. Explore the visual journey and learn how Struvite Remover revitalized the equipment. Read more

Struvite Prevention Trial

Uncover the solution to struvite crystal build-up in a wastewater plant's sludge holding tank. Learn how our Struvite Dispersant reduced wear on sludge pumps and enhanced overall efficiency.