Struvite Remover and Scale Remover Calculation Example

Example of chemical requirement for cleaning 1000 ft of a 6”dia pipe with 1” thickness of struvite.
General Information:
1) 6 inch diameter pipe= 0.196 ft3/linear ft
2) 4 inch diameter pipe= 0.126 ft3/linear ft
3) 1 cubic ft of struvite weigh= 106.08 lbs
4) To completely dissolve 1 pound of struvite, you will need 2.0 lbs to 3.0 lbs of Struvite Remover
5) 1 gal of Struvite Remover weighs 8.63 lbs/gal
0.196 ft3 – 0.126 ft3=0.07 ft3 of struvite per linear foot of a pipe 6”dia with 1” thickness
0.07 ft3/linear ft x 106.08 lbs/ft3= 7.43 lbs of struvite per linear ft
7.43 lbs of struvite/linear ft x 3 lbs of Struvite Remover/lb of struvite= 22.29 lbs per linear ft.
22.29 lbs/linear ft x 1 gal/8.63 lbs= 2.58 gals/linear ft
*Note: Scale can vary plant to plant, and across industries, so it is recommended to do testing for the product to scale ratio as well as the scale itself.