Struvite Remover and Scale Remover Membrane Testing

Struvite Removal Product testing with Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membranes

Nanofiltration (0.001µ - 0.01µ) and Reverse Osmosis (30 daltons - 0.001µ)membranes.

There is no effect on the membrane for either flux or rejection.

The numbers are within the normal range. There can be more variation than that just from piece to piece.

Here is the protocol from the test:
· Using a batch cell tester to determine the water flux which is measured in GFD (galons/Sq.Ft/day)
· Next tested for percentage of salt rejection (NaCl).
· The tests were done at a pressure of 200 psi.
· The test on new membrane is called control ( not soaked). We compare all the other values to the results on new membrane.