Struvite Remover and Scale Remover Pipe Demonstration

Struvite Removal received a 6'' pipe filled with struvite that we decided to run a test on to show its effectiveness.
The slice we used was approximately 1''  in length and used a clamp to hold it in our product halfway for a direct comparison of what it removed to what was left untouched.
We used 100% solution and a stirrer to resemble a recirculation which can act up to 4x faster than a standstill soak.
Within a matter of 10 hours, the struvite was dissolved from that half of pipe into solution, going from what could be a completely clogged pipe to now being struvite free and being back up and running over the course of a day.
Our Struvite and Scale Remover STSR:
Non-Corrosive to steel
Environmentally Friendly
Safe to handle
Will get your plant or operation back to 100% in a matter of hours or a day instead of weeks filled with labor, downtime, or dangerous materials!
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