Struvite Remover and Scale Remover STSR Lab Testing

We at Struvite Removal ask for and receive a great variety of struvite samples as can see in the picture below.

Struvite and Vivianite can range in color, granularity, hardness, composition as well as other variables, so they need to be tested for the product to scale ratio and see the effectiveness as they may react differently. 
We offer those with struvite or scale problems free testing on their different samples to prove the effectiveness of our products.
Our testing typically takes into account the comparison of the struvite or scale to others we have collected so we can assess if will need a stronger concentration dependent upon the amount of struvite and effectiveness of the product.
We can also do product testing where we will place 5 grams of struvite in different solutions, 100%, 50%, 30%, 25% and so forth in a beaker with a magnetic stirrer (to resemble a recirculation).
Below is an example of our testing setup. For more information, to contact us or for free samples please visit our website.